The Niagara Area

Niagara Falls

People travel from all over the world to marvel at this world renowned destination because of the incomprehensible amount of water flowing non stop, a ll day, every day, all year over the brinks of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls.
We never take it for granted. Absolutely never!
The sights, the never ending roar and the mist are inspiring, and give energy to those willing to accept it. So much to do and see, and early June is the perfect time to enjoy a Niagara Falls getaway with friends or family.
Running, walking, wine tasting, golfing, jetboating, helicoptering, shopping, dining, entertainment and more allow you to plan a fabulous getaway weekend to Niagara Falls.
Arrive a day or two early, or spend a day or two after the Niagara Falls Womens Half Marathon. Plan your activities in advance, or perhaps you just want to play it by ear.
The perfect destination to achieve an outstanding fitness goal? Here it is, in world famous Niagara Falls.

Wine, Women, Walk, Run A Getaway to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake offer an unending variety of restaurants.
With the Half Marathon (21.1 km) now the distance of choice, and with 58% of Half Marathon finishers being women, the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon in the beautiful Niagara region will provide a fun and memorable road trip.
Be empowered, and join women fro m many p laces and many backgrounds, all with a common goal. A healthy lifestyle includes physical exercise, and running or walking past The Falls TWICE! and beside the mighty Niagara River will inspire you to even greater efforts.
Arrive a day early, or stay a day or two after the event. Enjoy an early June getaway. The weather should be perfect for running and walking, and for playing tourist in this world famous destination.
Grab a Niagara Parks Commission Adventure Pass and enjoy their scenic attractions.
There are plenty of hotel rooms in all categories, and 116 wineries are awaiting you and your friends and families. Its only a short drive down the Niagara Parkway to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Rent a bike from Zoom Leisure in Niagara-on-the-Lake, at a special price, and ride out along the Niagara Parkway trail to visit a few wineries. And, get soaked and thrilled on the Whirlpool Jetboat ride up the mighty Niagara in the Devils Hole rapids. What a getaway!
And there will be more. What were saying is, Wine, Women, Walk and Run. Its a natural! The Niagara Falls Womens Half Marathon will be capped at 3,000.

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