Fearless Friday: Meet Rebecca

Today I want to give a shoutout to all the Mom’s who train and participate in running events with their babies.  While some events may discourage this we find it inspiring. YOU GO GIRL!!  As a Mom of two young boys (6 & 10), I know how hard it can be to...

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Fearless Friday: Meet Margaret

I had the pleasure of speaking with Margaret a few weeks back about her running career and how she is a long-time volunteer and race organizer. Margaret is a true leader in the running world and an advocate for women's fitness. Her commitment to the running world should be recognized and commended! Here is Margaret's story ... I'm a lon...

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Fearless Friday: Meet Anne

I have often wondered how some people are able to make big changes in their lives while others can’t. I believe, it comes down to a person possessing a certain level of determination and faith. You have to be determined to 'get up & get out', all the while maintaining the faith in yourself that you will accomplish your goal. Anne is the ep...

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