What Is Tarot Reading?

Tarot card reading involves a deck of cards that originates from mid-fifteenth century Italy and was used in various Italian states as an instrument to play games such as Tarocchini and was used for political or private divination purposes. The earliest surviving records date back to 1390, but it’s believed they originated much earlier.


However, the surviving decks didn’t originate in Italy but rather in Germany. The standard tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into two sections: 22 major arcana cards depicting mystical figures and 56 minor arcana consisting of four suites or suits with 14 cards each as follows: wands, cups, swords and pentacles, also known as disks.


The meaning of the cards


Each card has a long list of meanings and symbols that correlate to each other deeper. However, it’s important not to get lost in that symbol system while reading since you’ll never have time during a professional reading if that’s your approach. The most important thing is to let go and just read what comes intuitively from the cards themselves rather than using preconceived meanings.


How to do a free tarot reading


Tarot readings are done by shuffling the cards and choosing one card randomly. This chosen card can be called “the signifier,” which is later laid in the middle of the spread (a layout of cards where each position has its specific meaning). The remainder of the pack is then dealt in three parts, laid out in a cross formation.


There are three positions per card, and they represent past, present and future or other ways of looking at the reading are with regards to people, opportunities and challenges. Each position has its own meaning, which may vary slightly from deck to deck, but for this example, we’ll refer to Rider Waite, which is an English deck that is most popular worldwide.


The benefits and limitations of tarot cards 


Tarot readings can provide insight into what you are thinking or feeling, especially when you’re not sure yourself. Reading a tarot can help you understand your situation better, but it is no substitute for introspection. It’s important to consider how much credence to give to the information you receive from the reading, as it may be based on emotions, feelings or thoughts at the time of doing the reading versus later reflection once emotions have cooled off.


Tips for doing an online tarot reading at home


There are many reasons why people might be interested in learning how to do online free tarot card reading at home. Some are dabbling with the idea of becoming professional readers, while others want to know more about their future.


Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to read tarot cards, there are a few simple things you should keep in mind if you plan on doing it at home rather than going through an official class or workshop.


1) Prepare ahead of time: It’s important that you prepare before starting your reading so that you can stay focused and maintain control over what is happening. Write down any questions or concerns beforehand, so they don’t interrupt your flow during the reading itself. You also need to make sure all of the materials needed for the reading (tarot cards, a pen or pencil and something to write on) are within easy reach of your reading space.


2) Be honest with yourself: Depending on the purpose of your reading, you might have to answer some personal questions that could be difficult for you to address otherwise. If there’s information that you don’t really want to know, then it’s best not to do a reading at all. It’s also helpful to have someone else present during the reading so that you have an extra set of eyes on things.


3) Follow your intuition: If you think that something needs to be changed or taken out of the reading, then it’s probably best for everyone involved if you follow your instincts. Perhaps you’re not feeling confident about a certain card, or maybe the message just doesn’t feel right. Either way, it’s important to listen to yourself and your instincts so that you don’t have negative feelings lingering afterward.


Risks and warnings when using tarot cards 


Tarot readings can be deceiving because they are based on images rather than words. It can sometimes be difficult to put into words what the images mean specifically without getting the meaning confused with your own thoughts about those images making them inaccurate in some way.


It is very important not to confuse this practice as actual fortune-telling; it has nothing to do with predicting the future. It is also not possible to see your own death or someone else’s death in a reading of Tarot cards.


Things you should know before doing an online tarot reading 


The Tarot is for entertainment purposes only and not intended as a substitute for medical, legal, financial or other professional advice. You should rely on your intuition when using or interpreting any information from free tarot card reading. This information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but no guarantee can be made about its accuracy or completeness.


In addition, the views expressed may not necessarily reflect those of Sheila Gregoire. You will receive more accurate results if you ask specific questions that focus on information related to a particular incident or situation. If you are reading for someone else, make sure to get their permission before doing the reading.


Warnings about the risks of using Tarot cards 


Tarot can lead to false assumptions or conclusions based on emotions and feelings that aren’t exactly accurate because they’re not verified by actual facts. It is very risky for this reason to use it to try to predict what will happen in the future or make decisions about some important event in your life without taking time out and doing more research and reflection first.


The same care must also be taken when reading for someone else; make sure you get their permission before doing the reading, even if it’s something like selecting a color that reminds them of them. Don’t do things like this without asking and thinking you can get away with it because it is manipulative and misleading on some level.


Closing thoughts on Tarot readings 


There is no way to prove exactly what the Tarot cards mean because they represent human emotions and feelings that don’t always translate into specific words or actions. If you’re new to this type of divination, it would be a good idea to ask for more than one opinion about your reading to get several different views on what it means.


Doing this will allow you to get an unbiased perspective and help solidify in your own mind what each card might mean. Don’t go mucking around with these archetypal symbols without really understanding how they work. If you do so, chances are you’ll get yourself into trouble and be disappointed with the outcome of your efforts.