Fearless Friday: Meet Margaret


Fearless Friday: Meet Margaret

I had the pleasure of speaking with Margaret a few weeks back about her running career and how she is a long-time volunteer and race organizer. Margaret is a true leader in the running world and an advocate for women’s fitness. Her commitment to the running world should be recognized and commended!

Here is Margaret’s story …

I’m a long-time volunteer and race organizer in Vancouver. While I had dabbled in the occasional 10K in my 40’s, it wasn’t until I met Kathrine Switzer in May of 2011 that I truly became inspired to take running more seriously. I knew I would see her again at the Goodlife Fitness Marathon in Victoria that October, so I pledged to her that I would run/walk the half marathon, if she would greet me at the finish. We had a deal! I kept my part of the bargain, finishing in 3:30 (not fast!) and there she was at the finish hugging me and it was game on! I finished my second half marathon in 2012 (shaving 30 minutes off my time) as well as completing many more 5K and 8K races.

Foot issues put a bit of a damper on my longer distance running starting in 2013 so I’ve learned to manage my expectations and set a goal of participating in 15 to 20 shorter distances each year.  As well, I continue to co-organize three races with my local run club (Lions Gate Road Runners) and volunteer at many more, often managing the social media for the events as well.

I’ve just entered a new age category and I’m so excited about traveling to Niagara Falls this June and running the 5K. A couple of friends are coming with me and we’re so looking forward to running by the Falls, enjoying some local wines and of course, seeing Kathrine Switzer again – she is always so inspirational. I’m proud to be a member of 261 Fearless, her charity that promotes the sport of running for women around the world.

It’s funny – I did not grow up being an athlete – I was a musician throughout school, but here I am at 60 and the running world has become very important to me, both as a participant, volunteer and organizer. How lucky am I.


THANK YOU for sharing with us Margaret!

We always use the words fearless, inspire, empower and you embody all of those words. We are proud to have you with us on June 2, 2019.

Every story deserves to be heard! YOU have a chance to inspire and help others and we have the platform for you to do just that! If you would like to share with us please email support@nfwhm.com. We would be honoured to feature you!

Jen ❤️ 
Event Support Team

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Jen joined the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon team in 2017. She is an advocate for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She is truly inspired by the inspirational stories she hears every day from the amazing women who register for the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon and 5K.

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