2018 Medals


Each year at this time we show off our coveted Finisher medals.This year we are so proud to honour Julianne Miszk, a truly fearless, empowering and inspiring young lady.


She has been part of our event since 2012, and last year she and her friend Kathrine Switzer were our honourary Starters.


Julianne is 19 years old. She has grown up with health challenges and a learning disability, but still she has fearlessly won seven Ontario High School cross country running gold medals.


Her osteosarcoma, the same cancer that ended Terry Fox's heroic life, was in her jaw and has required two 10 hour surgeries to replace part of her jaw.


In 2017, while still recovering from her second surgery and still in the thick of chemo treatments, she competed in her last provincial cross country championships. The lingering effects of the chemotherapy forced her to stop and be sick along the way. Incredibly, she finished the race in second place and won a silver medal.


Julianne is excited to be featured on our 2018 medals, and will see you on June 3rd.

Race Director,
Ross Robinson
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